Always 3D

The Guider, is a new machine guiding system merging expertise from Sweden and Finland. Through years of experience handling different kinds of machine guiding systems in production all around Sweden, we have seen the need for a new, easy to use system. Together with Axiomatic Oy we developed The Guider+.

Easy & Effective

To start working with the help of machine guidance must be easy and effective. That’s why The Guider is always delivered as a complete 3D-system, making it easy to start working immediately, even though predefined models are not at hand.

Project data like terrain models, road models and designs, are managed and displayed by Maps+. The interface in Maps+, developed from Google maps, is easy to recognise and navigate with your Android unit. Maps+ is a cloud based software which provides user security and comfort, by always being updated.



We believe in a support suited for the user.

Our on-line support is therefore of highest quality.

The Guider AB offers consulting services within the whole geodetics spectra. Surveying, stake-out and machine guiding support are some of the most common fields. Regardless of your machines brand or equipment we can help you with

models and designs.


Our machine park contains cutting edge equipment, ready

to grab any task.

The Guider has the total

solutions you need!



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